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Fully Managed YBOX Servers

Fully Managed Server is a part of YBOX Server environment. The server is continuously monitored and more than 300 samples are collected on key parameters in a day. These server require little or no system admin skill at all. YBOX Servers are boxes that come with pre-hardened security software and pre-loaded server software. The entire environment is pre-built and tested in real time environment for over 170 man hours. Such a rigours hardware and software testing helps in identifying and rectifying 70 % of the issues that occur in a enterprise level dedicated server environment. Read More >>

YBOX Cloud Instances

YBOX Cloud allows you to deploy computing resources at your will at any scale. Such a scalability makes could computing as cheaper and stable IT infrastructure for small and medium business. In a typical YBOX Cloud, you will be able to choose your own hardware, OS and the bandwidth pipe. Each computing instance comes with YBOX Shield, a robust intrusion detection system along with firewall and anti-virus. YBOX Clouds can be deployed in few minutes and can be scaled up or down at will within minutes. Read More >>

Dedicated Servers Vs Cloud Computing - Which is the best solution for you ?
Confused between Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing instances ? Learn which is the best IT solution for you?

Server Terminologies that helps you choose the correct hardware for running your web applications.

YBOX Certification Programs
Certification Programs are available for System Administrators, Tech Support Personnel, System Architects. By becoming a YBOX Certified Personel, you can increase your job profile ... Read More >>

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